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This Project Helps People Put Plastic Waste to Good Use

What if instead of having to buy new plates and bowls, you could just take a bunch of plastic waste in your house and around your neighboorhood and make them yourself?

Meet LBRY, The 3D Printed Gun Enthusiasts New Home

Why wait to be deplatformed on a centralized platform when you can flourish on the blockchain? More and more users are seeking refuge from corporate censorship by moving to platforms that adamantly...

Weapon Detection Product Launching in the UK

SWORD is a mobile device attachment that allows you to scan people for weapons (including 3D printed guns and knives), and then instantly detect and deter known threats using facial recognition.

Banning and Censoring “Dangerous” People Online, Is Just Pushing The Problem Elsewhere

Supply and demand applies to everything. Banning people who hold political beliefs you disagree with disturbs this. There are consequences. In recent news, Facebook has purged a bunch of...

Gab Launches “Free Speech Browser”

Gab, a company that prides itself on developing software that advances free speech, has officially launched its new browser, which is a fork of Brave browser. Source:...