Supply and demand applies to everything. Banning people who hold political beliefs you disagree with disturbs this. There are consequences.

In recent news, Facebook has purged a bunch of accounts that it deemed “dangerous”. When people like Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and Laura Loomer, were banned as a result, people took to Twitter to voice their concern and support of Facebook’s decision.

Gab, the free speech social network, stepped in to advertise the launch of their new free speech browser which is a fork of Brave.

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Supply and Demand

Simply censoring and kicking off those that you deem “dangerous” is not enough to stop these individuals. It doesn’t address the actual problem at hand: You. You who foolishly thought you could beat the Ying and Yang of life: supply and demand.

These “dangerous” people are not going to suddenly stop being white nationalists (or whatever) just because you waved your magical gatekeeper wand. They still crave attention and influence. That will never go away. They will wander the Earth like lost souls until that urge is satiated.

“Why can’t we just take these dangerous people and push them somewhere else?”

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Where will they go?

We’ve already established that they aren’t just going to go “poof” and cease being “dangerous” people, nor will their craving for attention suddenly disappear.

Since these “dangerous” people were basically exiled from the major parts of the web where they can affect the most minds, they will take to meatspace, aka the physical world.

Hundred Handers

One example of a physical manifestation of these “dangerous” people and a direct result of censorship, banning, and even doxxing from Antifa and the like, is The Hundred Handers.

The Hundred Handers was an anonymous top-down organization in Europe (mostly) where someone called the Head was at the top and the Hands were at the bottom. The Hands sent sticker suggestions to the Head via secured communications and then the Head approved or denied them and added them to an archive which had updates emailed out on the 1st and 15th of every month. However, the Head became “unable to operate” and sent everything over to an image and file hosting site called

The Hundred Handers organizational model was extremely effective despite it being offline. It allowed them to appear much larger than they actually were because a single Hand could print out multiple stickers.

Would you rather have your city tattered in stickers talking about White Genocide or have certain parts of Twitter/Facebook talking about it, where you are afforded the privilege of muting it and blocking it?

Drone Drops

Yep. They are even using drones now.

A drone dropped Nazi leaflets in several Sacramento locations recently. Drones are a convenient and safe way to drop information on the masses, without physically being there. If the censorship continues, expect more of this.

Would you rather have your social event receive an airdrop of leaflets that talk about White Genocide or have certain parts of Twitter/Facebook talking about it, where you are afforded the privilege of muting it and blocking it?


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