Parler is a Twitter-like social media app that first launched in 2018, and was originally marketed as a tool for online news networks to take away revenue from massive and well established social media networks.

Parler recently reentered the spotlight when it gained the attention of Republican leaders, Brad Parscale (who is Trump’s campaign manager), and Mike Lee (a Utah Senator). Parler is now attracting the voices of people who have been censored, shadowbanned, or deplatformed from more popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. A few notable people with accounts on Parler include Milo Yiannopoulos, Candace Owens, Sen. Mike Lee, and Brad Parscale.

According to Politico, a senior Trump campaign official said that there was no impending plan to have the president join the platform, but that Parscale is testing Parler’s viability. “It’s something he’s aware of and is checking out,” the official said of Parscale. “We don’t currently have a plan to make a big move to the platform.”

Free speech software company, Gab, took to Twitter to express their concerns for Parler possibly being the preferred medium of choice for President Trump over their free speech social network. Gab has a long history with getting deplatformed from everything from GoDaddy to Paypal.

Source: @getongab Twitter

Gab goes back and forth with an author with a favorable view of Parlor.

Source: @getongab Twitter
Source: @getongab Twitter

Parler wasn’t the first alternative social media network looking to onboard Trump. Gab has wanted to do this for a while.

Source: @getongab Twitter

The idea behind moving Trump from Twitter to an alternative social network such as Parler is that journalists and a decent population of Twitter would be forced to at least create an account on the network. This would take some of the power away from Twitter and would provide a digital space where conservatives and deplatformed people in general, can receive updates from the president and communicate with one another without fear of censorship.

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