Today, anti-facial recognition eyewear company, Reflectacles, launched their two newest products on popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter.


Their first new product, Phantom, claims to obscure infrared security cameras, block infrared light, block Face ID, and not reflect visible light. Phantom is the predecessor to their previous product that launched on Kickstarter in 2016 called Ghost which reflected both infrared and visible light.

Billy Rhythm sporting the Phantom with an IRclip [Source: Reflectacles Kickstarter]


Their second new product, IRpair, aims to block infrared radiation from damaging your eyes as well as blocking facial recognition. The Reflectacles Kickstarter update from May 7th also shows a video that is meant to simulate what infrared radiation does to pupils.

Dr. Dase sporting the IRpair [Source: Reflectacles Kickstarter]

The update then goes on to say:

“Both IRpair and Phantom have specifically designed clip-ons so you can swap out any shade of lenses you prefer at any time. There are 3 shades of IRlenses and up to 8 different acetate colors to choose from. More info on that later during the campaign.

From here, just know this, Infrared Radiation is already all over your retina during most of your daily activities. Always from the sun, at night it would be cameras using IR for illumination, every time you look at your phone the Proximity Sensor is beaming IR into your eyes, and facial recognition is already there with the Infrared 3D Dot Matrix (iPhone X Face ID) or the Infrared Laser Scanners (Coming to the iPhone XI in 2020 where IR beams will reach 15 feet in the distance). If you have a moment, check out this company…

Stonelock is an IR facial mapping company that started in 2019 with ample funding. These IR scanners are the future of facial recognition. Old video algorithms are not accurate enough to be used widespread and for accuracy. They need IR to map your whole face in 3D if they want to blanket us with facial recognition. Both IRpair and Phantom thwart these technologies by removing the biometrics of the eye space.”

You can view the anti-facial recognition project here or check out their official website here.

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