When you have seen those with similar views as you getting deplatformed, fired, shunned, or worse, what do you do? With the seemingly increasing “deplatform culture”, more and more banished groups seemed to be taking to the streets to voice their opinions. To learn more about what political strategy fits best for getting your message out without using the internet, I spoke to a man only known as “The Head”, who operates an anonymous white advocacy group that uses stickers to voice their views in physical space.

A Conversation with The Head

JDaniel Richer: When and why was the Hundred Handers created?

The Head: The Hundred-Handers were created in the summer of 2018 as a solution to the continuing issue of [real-life] violence and harassment many people engaged in white advocacy were facing. How is it possible to get a message out into the real world while mitigating risk to the activist? On top of that, how could you prevent the co-opting of your message and group by anyone who, intentionally or not, could endanger us or other members [?]

So we developed a way to provide people with the method and the content. A printer that avoids any identifying markings and an archive of content that was from a single, curated source. We also number each piece so that any alterations or wholesale fabrications can be matched back to the official archive for veracity.

We’ve seen a number of groups of varying levels of prominence and success be taken down by the actions of a few, we avoid that by removing the individual element. Anonymous Head, anonymous Hands.

JDaniel Richer: Would you describe your operations as “White Nationalist”?

The Head: We like to use the term white advocacy as it encompasses the fight for white [wellbeing] in general, not just nationhood. Nationalism for white people is an important first step though, if you do not see yourself as a cohesive people then you fall at the first step.

JDaniel Richer: How does the organizational model work and how widespread are your Hands? Why did The Head have to step down?

The Head: We have a centralized node for material distribution, the Archive, from which Hands can pull any number of pieces that they wish to use. Within the archive are almost 200 individual pieces, some specific to certain countries. Alongside them are numerous translations done by dedicated Hands, these include German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. As new Hands join from across the continent we ask if they can help with translation work.

Currently, [our] Hands are spread across the two white continents, Europe and North America and a number of white outposts like South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Our best estimates based on individual emails that have contacted us requesting a copy of the sticker Archive puts our Hands at around 300-400 in number.

The Head had to step away for a month or two to review operational security surrounding the Hundred-Handers. Now airtight, they have resumed the role and restructured the distribution method to better protect both the Head and Hands.

JDaniel Richer: How does a physical presence in the form of stickers compare to a digital presence?

The Head: There’s a quote that’s attributed wrongly to Alexander the Great but I believe it applies to the online front in which we fight, “he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer”. The fight online has been won, any comment section is instantly swamped by our guys, any twitter responses are mobbed. Our enemy now resorts to outright banning for the slightest of indiscretions as there’s no other way to counter us. Chances are if you’re online an open to our ideas you’ve found one of our content creators or thought leaders.

While we will never abandon the online fight completely we must realize that the battlefield is broader. We can shout all day into social media but our enemies are active in the real world and we must meet them there. There’s a whole population out there who aren’t as plugged [into] social media and may feel alone against the tsunami of anti-white hatred that they face daily. If you were to see one of our stickers you’d know you’re not alone and there are others like you in close proximity.

JDaniel Richer: What interesting things have you learned over the years from this kind of activism?

The Head: Our people are eager for a way to fight back. Their voices have been stolen, their hands have been bound. It’s clear the current paradigm only maintains order through fear and our methodology alleviates a lot of the risk involved in white advocacy, as such we’ve had a great response from people who’ve taken the opportunity we present and run with it.

JDaniel Richer: What would you say to those who support deplatforming those who hold certain beliefs that are said to be too dangerous to society? Why should you be given a platform?

The Head: Someone or something that is a danger to society should be rightfully suppressed, the problem we have is our values as a society have been inverted. What is rotten and corrupt is lauded, what is pure is ridiculed and destroyed.

Until that value system is corrected we’ll continue to see those that only want the best for their people attacked.

To your second question, we aren’t given a platform, that’s the point. The Hundred-Handers was setup specifically because our online and IRL platforms were rapidly disappearing.

The solution? We made the world itself our platform and we don’t ask permission to do so.

Anything else you would like to say?

Our twitter is available here

Our Telegram group which features our Archive releases along with angry anti-white’s responses to our stickers is here


We can be reached via email here


We provide an avenue for safe, anonymous pro-white activism. If that’s of interest to you then take a look at our work.

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