Why wait to be deplatformed on a centralized platform when you can flourish on the blockchain? More and more users are seeking refuge from corporate censorship by moving to platforms that adamantly respect free speech.

What is LBRY?

LBRY is a content sharing platform. Unlike Youtube, where employees are able to remove, censor, or alter content due to centralization, LBRY is censorship-resistant and utilizes systems similar to Bitcoin and BitTorrent. There is also a monetization system in place where you can charge X amount of cryptocurrency for someone to stream or download your content. This cryptocurrency is called LBRY Credits or LBC and most of that payment goes to you, and a portion goes to the hosts who store the files. LBRY is also a new protocol similar to http:// or ftp:// . When you upload an image to LBRY, you get to choose a memorable resource indicator like lbry://underminenewslogo instead of a complicated BitTorrent magnet URI.

LBRY’s CEO, Jeremy Kauffman, created an image that used a form of steganography to hide blueprints for Defense Distributed’s Liberator in plain sight.

Image Source: @jeremykauffman Twitter

From Mega to LBRY

When Ivan [original account suspended by Twitter] of Deterrence Dispensed, got banned from Mega.nz, he was looking for a new home for the gun files and stumbled upon LBRY and spee.ch. Spee.ch is a site that lets you easily upload content to the LBRY blockchain. Mega clearly states in section 32 of its terms of service that it can suspend your account for any reason or no reason. Since there is no real proof that Mega suspended Ivan anymore, feel free to verify by emailing Ivan himself at ivanthetroll@protonmail.com.

LBRY recently received praise from Deterrence Dispensed for supporting the principles of free speech. You can view all of Deterrence Dispensed files that are now hosted on the LBRY blockchain, here.

Image Source: @DetDisp Twitter

Disclaimer: I own LBRY credits because I’ve been rewarded them. I also regularly use spee.ch. This is not investment advice. Do your own research.


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