What if instead of having to buy new plates and bowls, you could just take a bunch of plastic waste in your house and around your neighboorhood and make them yourself?

Precious Plastic

Precious Plastic is a project trying to boost plastic recycling worldwide. It was started by Dave Hakkens in 2013 when he realized how much of a problem plastic waste worldwide really was. Precious Plastic has designed, tested, and built a bunch of machines capable of shredding, extruding, injecting, and compressing plastic waste. On behalf of their mission, Precious Plastic open sourced all of their work so people around the world can build their own machines and get started with putting their plastic waste to good use.


Precious Plastic has an online marketplace dubbed “The Precious Plastic Bazar”, where members of the community can buy and sell things that they made out of recycled plastic, the machines themselves, offer services, and more.

Changing the Game

Having the ability to recycle your own plastic waste in a community or personal workspace is quite the game changer. It will likely undermine plastic recycling services as well as companies who sell plastic items that you would otherwise buy from. The extruder machine can also be used to produce the plastic filament needed to print items with a 3D-printer, which widely expands the variety and quality of items that can be made.

Raising an Army

After coming up with a new plan, raising money, and moving to a large workspace, Precious Plastics is currently looking to expand their team in order to further their mission of worldwide plastic recycling.


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