SayScape, is a Twitter-like social media app built by veterans that markets itself as a non-biased social media platform that values both free speech and privacy.

SayScape is currently in Beta on Android and iOS and there are plans for a web-based version as well. Normally, SayScape charges $10 to get beta access in order to pay for launch costs but currently, they are offering free access until they reach their tester limit.

SayScape claims it won’t sell user data, (is working on getting) encrypted private chats, the ability to edit posts for up to 30 seconds after posting, optional timed auto delete posts, customizable feeds, a dislike button (a broken heart), and a private feed for verified veterans. On SayScape, posts appear in chronological order as opposed to using an algorithm to sort them based on what SayScape thinks is most important to you. Similar to Twitter’s “muted words” feature, SayScape also allows you to filter your feed by hiding content based on keywords or hashtags.

The private feed for veterans is a place where veterans can connect with other veterans to discuss PTSD, transitioning to civilian life, or simply reminisce about military life and share stories. To prevent stolen valor, all members are vetted using third-party verification.

Here’s an inside look:

Current Profile Layout. Source: SayScape Android Beta App

Recently, SayScape added a new feature, an in-app DuckDuckGo search engine that allows users to fact check on the fly.

SayScape DuckDuckGo search engine. Source: SayScape Android Beta App
SayScape Home Layout. Source: SayScape Android Beta App

SayScape Settings Page. Source: SayScape Android Beta App

Post page. Source: SayScape Android Beta App
Side menu. Source: SayScape Android Beta App

Interested? Sign up here for their beta.

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