Undermine News was officially launched on May, 24th 2019, on the same day that telegraph inventor Samuel Morse sent the first official telegraph message, “What hath God wrought?” from the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., to Baltimore. The year was 1844 and communications were never the same after that. Then the internet came. It was truly revolutionary. People could communicate with one another instantaneously. It wasn’t until cryptography and encryption became big that things started to look pretty clear. As technology advanced more and more, the government became more and more wary of it. Take the Crypto Wars, for example, the government is terrified of us free individuals communicating with one another using a method in which they can’t see what we are saying.

Why? Why does this scare them? It’s simple. It undermines their authority. It takes away some of their power and gifts it to the citizenry. This…..this subversive energy is what Undermine News is built on. We love when power is taken away from governments, corporations, and even the media, and it gets gift wrapped for you. We believe that as technology and encryption progress, the power from these power structures will fall into your lap.

Undermine News was born to deliver you news and opinions on political strategy and the art of undermining power structures. We are not left wing. We are not right wing. We just love the game of stealing power through wit, tact, and technology.

Our Team:

Founder– JDaniel Richer

JDaniel has contributed articles to the Foundation for Economic Education as well as the up and coming Reclaim The Net. He runs a large libertarian meme channel on telegram with over 1600 subscribers and is a moderator in a few political debate chats as well.

JDaniel was accepted into a college alternative called Praxis (this is a referral link in which I might receive money), that has a 30% acceptance rate after applying twice.

You can reach him at jd@undermine.news